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A Bald Eagle Hit My House

Bald Eagle spotted in Kenton neighborhood. Portland, Oregon

Yes, it's true. I was making dinner about 6:45 last night when something suddenly slammed into the side of my house with such force it shook the windows. (For the record, I live in Kenton.) None of the possible explanations that ran through my head were pleasant, safe or inexpensive, so it was a full five minutes before I got up the nerve to open the front door.

There, on the lawn, was a bald eagle.

It stood about knee high and sat motionless for a good 10 minutes, patiently enduring my cat's making big eyes at it from behind a bush, before hopping into the middle of the street, where it proceeded to block traffic in both directions. Much picture taking, many phone calls to animal agencies, and nervous hand-wringing concerning neighborhood dogs ensued before the bird unmajestically half-hopped, half-flew into a neighbor's driveway and finally disappeared.

It may be injured, so if anyone in the Kenton neighborhood comes across it in the next few days, call the Audubon Society at 292-6855.

WW copy chief Kat Hyatt Merck
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