Dirty Dancing
How did you decide on your DJ name?
As the Rapture say, "People don't dance no more, they just stand there like this" - how often do you encounter this?
Ideal crowd?
How do you feel about requests?

Do you have a story about a particular request or requester?
What do you do outside of DJing?
How many gigs have you spun and where?
Where can we find you venue wise? Looking to book any regular gigs?

How long have you been spinning?
What drew you to DJing originally?
What are your thoughts on vinyl versus CDs versus laptops?

What songs will we find ourselves dancing to with you?
How would you describe yourself in five words or less - complete sentence or not:
How do you describe the genre(s) you play?
Who are your other favorite Portland DJs
Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell