Slumdog Millionaire
WW: You taught yourself English by listening to American hip-hop albums. What's your favorite English word?
You were backed by a very small label (Track & Field) for your first album. Since then, you've signed with A&M/Octone Records for Troubadour. What is the biggest difference of artist and album support and exposure being with A&M?
Your music video for "Soobax" looks like it could be the opening credits to Slumdog Millionaire. Do you feel like the portrayal of poverty in Slumdog mirrors life in your native city, Mogadishu, which is considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world?
City Of God
Do you think that music has the power to make changes happen on a global scale?
If you could sit down and talk with any world leader, who would it be and what would you discuss?
In your song "Dreamer" you say, “You have to be like Bush and take pre-emptive strikes.”
What would your life would look like had you not escaped Somalia when you did?
What are you doing directly to help the situation back home?
What can other people do to help?
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