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Alan Singley Has A Confession

IMG_5301 Wow, it's been quite the hiatus since the last public confession from a local musician on LocalCut, but never fear, Alan Singley is here to pick up where Breakfast Mountain left off. The drill: I ask a Portland musician to take a stand and make a confession. Keyword: make. Whether it be via hand-drawn signs, sidewalk chalk, or gently wiped onto a fogged mirror, the truth will be revealed. Then all you have to do is follow along with the slideshow below and one image at a time, the secret will be revealed.

Alan had a hard time settling on what confession to make. First he mentioned "I love God," but abandoned it favor of "I want to get married." He dropped that confession too, seemingly because of fairness after acknowledging that not everyone can. His next idea was the one that stuck:

Alan adds in explanation:
My grandpa is a retired baptist minister. My uncle works for Billy Graham. My family has roots in Texas and Indiana. I have a lot of guilt as a result of all the decades of hearing about the righteous life. I like to think that I am a nice guy and that should be enough, but when hard times follow you around and you get dark, its easy to think maybe it's like, Satan, that is just biting my shoulder. I want to be like my Grandpa and get married and have kids and that makes me guilty because I can't sell out. But I really just want to be a boring guy who comes home and falls a sleep and wakes up early and rejoices in the morning and treats my body as a temple and is happy with one special person and paint my picket fence green, not white. Til then I play the game, I tip the bartender and I try to get the courage to talk to random beautiful strangers and get dragged to seedy clubs. There is just so much, "what if."

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Photos by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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