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Flaspar, "TV Me," Unreleased

flaspar Fresh off Guidance Counselor's Flaspar-featurin' first tour diary entry, we've got this slice of 8-bit tomfoolery meets dance punk from the trio Flaspar. I asked the group's Cody Brant to give us the behind the scenes dealio on its track "TV Me" and he obliged.

What is the song about?
TV Me is about T.V., me ("the self"), and the interplay that occurs between these two entities. It suggests that video power warrants vivid praise. Before thought, sight!

How long did it take to write?
It took 80 years (the first television was born in 1928) to write. Marshall McLuhan said "the medium is the message." It used Flaspar as a medium, but it wrote itself. That makes it a genuine recorded haunting.

How does it relate to the rest of your songs?
It is quite typical. All of our songs consist of repetitive elements organized into a dynamic structure. It sounds like our other songs, except it has different words (and a different meaning) and has a totally different sequence of melodies and rhythms. We always play it last in our sets because we go really wild and break one guitar string, knock over two bass drums and go too hoarse and dizzy from hollering so loud.


Marshall McLuhan on Wikipedia

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