COMMOTION performs original music ranging from funk, dance, afrobeat, while incorporating impressive improvisation. Led by Ben Darwish, the group features some of the most in demand musicians in the northwest. You may have heard them battle Ohmega Watts or playing late nights at the Goodfoot. This show will feature the "Young Guns" horn section which features John Nastos and 15 year-old trumpet phenom, Tree Palmedo! Also, we've added a auxillary percussionist too! Watch the link below for a brief tutorial of the band:


Ben Darwish on keyboard

Chris Mosley on guitar

Sam Howard on bass

Russ Kleiner on drums


Tree Palmedo on trumpet

John Nastos on sax

Devin Riley on trombone

Chaz Hastings percussion

Devin is 18-years-old, John Nastos is 22 and Tree Palmedo is only 15-years-old!! Once again, this is our unveiling of the 8-piece band, Commotion. You can't go wrong with funk and afrobeat!
The bands all get live 9 pm, Thursday, January 8th at Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St. 239-7639. $5. 21+.