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Photo Review: Panther at the Doug Fir, Friday Dec. 5

IMG_1868 Who's afraid of a big bad wolf? How about a band called Panther? Without the steel bars of a zoo enclosure for protection, the audience at the Doug Fir on Friday night gazed from a distance, seeming to mistake the eccentric Portland duo for its wild animal namesake. Even with the plea from frontman Charlie Salas-Humara to come closer, a four foot gap between the purple-lit stage and the crowd remained. Oh well!

The distance didn't diminish the fervor of Panther's set. 14 Kt. God single "Puerto Rican Jukebox" got an early airing in addition to many new tracks that utilized Salas-Humara on guitar, laptop and floor-tom while Joe Kelly kept the rhythm from behind his drum kit.

Side note: A New Panther record is coming soon. Speaking to Kelly before the show, I got clued into the fact that not only is there an album on the not too distant horizon, but an EP, too. 2009 already looks good, huh?


Photos by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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