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Election Dance Party at Holocene, Tues, Nov. 4th

IMG_1716 A full day later and the euphoria from Barack Obama's Presidential Election victory still hasn't worn off, but luckily the near catatonic state it left me in has—so I'm now able to recap Holocene's election playlist from Tuesday night. With special guest DJs Hoops Dreams and Nathan Detroit joining Beyonda on the decks, revelers were given a playlist that spanned from the last time Democrats held the highest office in the '90s to the present. The music and dance party portion of the event didn't kick off until 8 pm when Obama clinched the necessary electoral votes to become our next president. So what song complimented the declaration of his victory? "Whatta Man," the 1994 joint track by En Vogue and Salt-N-Pepa as spun by Hoop Dreams, who was first to step up the decks. At times it almost seemed as though Holocene's monthly dance party Snap! had invaded the venue for the amount of '80s tracks being spun, including the Ghost Busters II theme song. The only pauses in music and dancing came during McCain's concession speech and Obama's acceptance speech when they were projected on the white wall opposite where the DJs were set up.

Most of the songs that were played had a connection to the results. Two prominent hits included "The Sign" by Ace Of Base and "Pull up the People" by M.I.A., with its refrain "pull up the people, pull up the poor"—which is hopefully what we can expect from an Obama administration.

As the night progressed, the playlist digressed from being semi-related to the evening's events to dancefloor fillers that still had the crowd elated, with Hot Chip's "Ready for the Floor" and Justice vs. Simian's "Never Be Alone/We Are Your Friends" reverberating from the speakers. As the hours wore on, Holocene hit capacity and the line outside of the venue to get in grew. Those outside weren't without entertainment, though, with Rob Walmart setting up shop in the Marriage Records parking lot across the street and legions of people and MarchFourth Marching Band spilling into the street just a few blocks down outside of Grand Central Bowl before being dispersed by police.









Hoop DreamsSpace
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Hang the DJ: Hoop Dreams
Hang the DJ: Nathan Detroit (pre-name change)

Photos by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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