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Cop Easter Egg's Latest, Jackin' For Beats, For Free

easter egg*And free.

Using a MacBook and the audio program Ableton Live, Easter Egg (SE Portland native Nathan Pham) has jammed 240 different samples into 70 minutes of complete mash-up madness onto his most recent album, Jackin' For Beats. It was released as a free download last Thursday (click here or visit Easter EggSpace to grab it), and it supplies an appropriate amount of giddy-up for car parties or other situations where the iPod's party shuffle ain't possible or sufficient. The gapless album's tracks make it tough to identify individual songs (and therefore, which ones you like the most/least), but the last 10 minutes are especially mash-tastic.

At just 21 years old, E-Egg is probably Portland's most promising young mash-up master. Don't get me wrong; he's no Girl Talk or Hood Internet. But if Jackin' For Beats came on at a party, drunk people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between E-Egg and his older, more famous influences. The transitions here are tighter than Easter Egg's previous two mash-up albums, Pour It Up and Wiggers and Hipsters Vol. 1. The song and genre transitions are quick as a snap and not the least bit distracting while Pham mashes everything under the sun—from Prince to club rap; MGMT to Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth."

It's not a perfect effort: One wonders why Jackin' For Beats lacks a significant local edge in such a rich music town (a sprinkling of Starfucker would have been cool), and some of the samples run a little too long. But on the whole, Easter Egg's megamix is rock solid. The kid kills it.

Jackin' For Beats was just one of two albums Egg released on last week. He and Oklahoma-based remixologist Dr. Tron released a compilation entitled Hip To Be Square on Thursday as well (again, it's available for free—click here).

Easter EggSpace

Image courtesy of Easter Egg and FutureMilk.com
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