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Valet Brings XLR8R Around to Rad Summer

Valet Not only does Honey Owens have her hand in a lot of musical projects (including 2008's #3 Best New Band act Valet and bass plucking duties for Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound), but also a host of local businesses—including starting up Dunes and, most recently, co-founding the eclectic boutique Rad Summer. When XLR8R was in town putting together its Portland themed issue, not only did they tag along with Owens' boyfriend White Rainbow on his day-job duties, but they also hung out and talked shop with Owens.

I'm not quite sure if self-depreciation is the right word for describing how she categorizes her musical skills, but it's something akin to that. It's rather interesting how she paints herself, varying between hilarious quips and endearing sentiment, saying how she thought her main appeal as a bandmate was that of a "crazy friend" rather than musical talent and how she feels like a scam at times in terms of her skills. I think the latter is a universal feeling for those achieving great things within their respective field, but who have yet to fully master the task (in this case, knowing "any one instrument backwards and forwards.")

Owens uses a handful of compelling analogies throughout, from music adhering to her like a stray cat and its subconscious adoption over time to relating her ambient solo project Valet to that of making her own bedroom.

We also learn about where the title of her latest record Naked Acid comes from in the final moments of the video. Yes, it does have to do with drugs. Snow angels will never be the same.

But of course at the heart of Owens' tale is the store itself. You get plenty of views about Rad Summer along with a few blurbs about its contents and history. If you can't make it over to Division, dive into Rad Summer via this video.

Rad Summer blog
Rad SummerSpace
Honey Owens' Rad New Project - LC's Rad Summer insight

Photo screencap courtesy of XLR8R
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