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I wasn't given the fair opportunity to defend myself against rumors and the press during the [Attorney General's] investigation. If “you” were to be slandered and drug through the mud by the press, would you just sit and accept the damage brought on your life? No, you would take time to think, consider the options, and then defend yourself and your family. That is what I am doing. I am speaking my piece, and making an effort to have my voice heard, without it being misconstrued by the media.
I fully support a recall effort. I'm not saying that he isn't qualified for the job. I'm not saying that he should be booted out but I really think there should be a re-election, because he lied to get into office. That's cut and dry. There's no way around that. You lied to get into office; there should be a re-election. Because now everyone knows the facts, even if it just is 30,000 people that want a re-election, even if it is just 20,000 people that want a re-election. That's 20,000 people, that's 20,000 Portlanders that want a re-election. They should have the right to it. I fully support [recall chief petitioner] Avel Gordly.