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Trail Blazers, Major League Soccer and Ducks

Portland's Rose Garden Arena

Three depressing thoughts from the world of sports in the last coupla days:

1) Here's something to take your mind off the Trail Blazers' epic collapse last night against Utah: Go watch Sonicsgate, as I did Saturday night (thanks to BAM: the Beer and Movie Fest). The story of how a market like Seattle lost the Sonics should scare the hell out of Blazers fans when they think about the Blazers' long-term future here. Portland is a smaller market than Seattle and is totally dependent on a gazillionaire like Paul Allen staying both happy and healthy enough to keep owning the team in a small market that lacks the corporate biggies of other NBA cities.

2) Heading into this week's latest deadline for contract negotiations between Major League Soccer and its players, the sides are ramping up the rhetoric. That's probably to be expected, but still not a good sign as the league, which Portland is joining in 2011, goes through the same labor crap that most every other U.S. sports league has undergone. The question of course, if a strike ends up costing games in the 2010 season, is if MLS can weather what has happened to other leagues in a strike aftermath - at least a short-term drop in attendance from fans effectively saying a pox on both your houses.

3) And of course the unraveling continues in Eugene with Ducks linebacker Kiko Alonso arrested for DUI just hours after coach Chip Kelly supposedly laid down the law, and wide receiver Jamere Holland getting tossed after his musings on Facebook. Both serve as a reminder on our contest to find a new name for the Ducks. Meantime, I think The Wire's Clay Davis speaks for me and many other Ducks fans on this one.

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