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Shaky Hands Lunglight PSA

lunglight "Darker and more provocative." Apparently that's how the Shaky Hands' new album is being described, or at least that's what bassist Mayhaw Hoons tells you in this short video. For the album that just dropped this past Tuesday, the Shaky Hands have recorded a PSA of sorts as hosted by Hoons while he's on duty at his day job. Some people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but Hoons five ups that task by carrying, washing, and dodging dishes and taking out the trash while facing superimposed album covers with masterful agility. And, you know, discussing the inevitable response to the band's heavier new record.

And guess what? It looks like Prefix magazine has already taken the bait! Here's the second sentence in the site's description of Lunglight:

The record is reportedly a bit of a darker affair than the band's self-titled 2007 debut. But the Shaky Hands still brings the jangly, scattershot fun that PDX bands have always been known for.

Reportedly? Hmmm... Is Prefix's source this video? Looks like this here 28 seconds really does serve a purpose other than fodder for a new drinking game of how many cuts are made to piece together this clip.

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