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Panther Gains New Member, Cancels Euro Tour

Panther w/ ElizaIf you're MySpace friends with Can-covering, avant garde local dance act Panther, you would've more than likely seen Charlie's bulletins advertising for a new member for the better part of this year. Well, it looks like they've found one in the Golden Hours' Eliza Sohn! Not only will she be bringing her keyboard and guitar talents, but her voice as well. And it looks like Charlie Salas-Humara and Joe Kelly didn't even find her through one of those bulletins. Sitting in the airport lounge of PDX alongside Charlie on the way to NY, Joe Kelly writes:

"We met Eliza through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Charlie and I thought they were going to send us a big brother/sister to take care of us when we were on tour and in distress but instead we got her. It's going to work out though. We've become fast friends. She shares all of our healthy habits..."

But wait! If Eliza's in the band, why isn't she there with them?

"Oh yeah. Eliza is totes in the band. We are just working on all new songs with her. It's going to be real different..."

So what will Panther be up to in the big apple, aside from "taking it to the max?"

"This east coast trip and our September European tour (that just got canceled) was going to be kind of the last time we toured on all these 14kt god songs."

Oh these poor Panther fellows—they just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to Europe. As you may recall, its late spring tour earlier this year was canceled after a dodgy booker left a week-long hole in the calendar. Without that week of shows in Germany, the tour couldn't be sustained and the duo was effectively screwed over.

No details as of yet in concerns to why this jaunt got cut, but check out this Panther video from PDX Pop Now! care of Spin if you're as obsessed with Panther as we are.

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