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Metal, "Cloud Formations," Live on KPSU

metal2ce2dShall this be an exercise in dissecting this wordless rumination or schooling up on the many different cloud types? How about we marry both?

You know that saying, either "the calm before the storm" or "the quiet before the storm?" I think that definitely suits the slow and subtle build of Metal's "Cloud Formations." Except that, in this song (or much of Metal's song catalog), we never get to that perfect storm. Who needs storms anyway? We've seen what they do to Myanmar and New Orleans. "Cloud Formations" simply smolders on, layering on effect after instrument after effect continuously through its length of over seven minutes.

If that description is going to match any cloud type, I'm thinking the hand best fits the glove of Altostratus clouds. According to Web Weather for Kids:

"Altostratus clouds often form ahead of storms that will produce continuous precipitation."

Sound like a match? Take your own stab at a comparison by visiting the site. You have eight choices of common cloud types. Now doesn't that sound like productive use of your time? Yes!

Metal have been on tour for the month of May, but after a show this Friday in Arcata, California, the duo will be returning to our fair Rose City for a show with Hornet Leg, Battlehooch and Magic Johnson at home venue the Artistery on May 19.

[audio:Cloud Formations.mp3]


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