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Fleshtone, "Silver Flash," 2008 Tour Demo CD

flesh_1c88311f04Did you catch Fleshtone supporting Yo Majesty on Monday at Rotture? Well, whether you did or you didn't, take a listen to "Silver Flash," one of the group's newest tracks and transport yourself back in time and into that audience. However, if I could transport myself into the crowd of any one of their more recent shows, I'd choose to do so (by way of Southwest Airlines, of course) so I could catch the trio's set opening for Dan Deacon at the Smell in LA in late April. I'm already enamored with the venue, given its connection to my favorite band No Age, but by the looks of the elctro-clasher's MySpace blog entry about the show, I ache even more for the Smell. Here's what Fleshtone had to say in the tour diary entry titled "Last Night L.A. changed our lives":

"The show at the Smell was a blast of pure wild energy with seemingly no limits. The kids there hung on every riff and beat, working themselves into a frenzy. I would say that the Smell exist in a parallel dimension were people lose connection with reality and give in to some shamanic collective unconscious. This was only helped by a lineup of artists more akin to some form of mind altering drugs than bands. Inland Empire made people jump and scream and chant, while Captain Ahab pulled every ounce of energy from the crowd, transferred it to Jim's sweat covered body and sprayed it over the unrelenting crowd. Dan Deacon finished the night with some fancy prancing, wild dancing, brilliant story telling, and frantic dance music.
This was a amazing to say the least."

Back to the song at hand: member Jayme Hansen shared the lyrics of the tune, and here's a sample:

"body tied in knots
these invisible weights pull me past the floor
darkened streets numbers repeat
connected by metallic thread
we create our dreaded fate


smallest lightest coin
keep it close
take a breath
count to ten

head between your knees
watch them fall
breathe out
move on"

It's about "bringing life into focus" according to the group's sole male member Brett Whitman. It's a nod to Jayme's connection with finding and being given dimes (so she's into dimes) and how coins tie into spirituality.

Now envision some sparse drumming by back-up dancer and vocalist Kim Hansen, Whitman behind the keyboards and frontwoman Jayme Hansen leading the charge with confidence and charisma and you've got "Silver Flash" live and in person. No need for time travel.

[audio:Silver Flash.mp3]


Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell
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