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Hang the DJ: DJ Moisti

This week, sassy DJ Moisti has submitted herself to a battery of DJ questions. By the looks of her answers, the lady that responds to Misti Icenbice by day is in your face...and admittedly so. The Matador's Girl Saturday also has the distinction of fielding possibly the worst request yet. You'll have to read below to find out which band she (unfortunately) gets asked to spin...

How did you decide on your DJ name?
DJ Moisti comes from a play on my real name. I worked with a dirty cook and a filthier bar owner and they started to call me "moisti" when my friends would come see me at work, they would hear them call me "moisti" and think it was hilarious and it stuck...

What's your real name?
Misti Icenbice

As the Rapture say, "People don't dance no more, they just stand there like this" - how often do you encounter this?
Stand there like what? I DJ in a bar, not a dance club, so it is kinda weird when people dance, but they do anyway cause they can't help it.

Ideal crowd?
Sexy gay men. They are flirty fun and not creepy. To me anyway. I'm a woman so they don't want to 'do' me. And they aren't all judgmental and macho so they don't come up and say stuff like "why don't you play this?" To which I reply, "Because I'm the fuckin 'DJ, Not you, that's why." "Get your own fucking gig!" I really don't give a shit if they think I suck.

How do you feel about requests?
I don't mind if they know something about music and they can tell me what they want to hear rather than standing there thinking about it or asking me what I have and if they can come behind the booth and look through my records. News flash! I don't got time to wait for you to figure it out!!! Most songs average three minutes dumbass!! No you can not go through my shit! Listen to what I am playing, know something about music and then think of a song that would be great with what I am playing.

I also hate it when they request something completely opposite of what I play.

Do you have a story about a particular request or requester?

Oh there are soooo many. My favorite was when this obviously clueless douchebag (he looked like the grunge era threw up all over him) came up to tell me the music I was playing was 'emo' and I remember I had just played Boomtown Rats and started playing Buzzcocks. So I was of course very confused. Especially since his button up shirt had purple stripes in it and he was wearing a ball cap over a doo rag over greasy long hair and baggy black capris (I call them capris but they are shorts that go down to the top of the calf). He then informed me that he thought I sucked and he was really pretty upset about it. So I was even more confused, so I replied, "I'm sorry, your upset. Why don't you go fuck yourself?" "It might make you feel better. " He told me to fuck off and walked over to high five his broski who looked embarrassed. Then I played Motorhead and Metallica so I wouldn't be emo. Weird huh? I also think it's pretty fucking weird when people request Creed. That has to be the worst band ever!

Where can we find you DJing?
I DJ every Saturday at the original Matador from 10pm till 2:15am.

Do you DJ full time? / What do you do outside of DJing?
I am a Barber and a manager at Bishops NE 28th.

How'd you get your current main gig?
I used to sling drinks at The Matador and one night I was there drinking and they were left without a DJ. So I went and picked up my records. DJ Gregarious and books taught me a lot about music and DJing. And Alex Hamalian showed me how to use the mixer that night. Once I knew what to do, that was it. DJ Moisti was birthed into the filthy underbelly of the DJ World in Portland, OR. (Yes I name dropped here but I gotta give credit where credit is due and I also wanted to say "filthy underbelly".)

How long have you been spinning?
Since 2000.

What drew you to DJing originally?
I thought I might get laid.

What are your thoughts on vinyl vs CDS vs laptops?
I will always love my vinyl, CDs are stupid, but I will use them if I have to and laptops/i-pods are a lot easier to carry. I don't really judge the medium. It's the content that I am concerned with.

What songs will we find ourselves dancing to with you?
1. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division will always be my favorite.
2. "Sexbeat" by Gunclub cause it is a great song.
3. "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears - What?
4. "My Baby" by Daddy-B Rock and the Bizz
5. "Hear Comes Nasty" by Culture Prophet

How would you describe yourself in five words or less - complete sentence or not:
I'm a big loud lady. Wanna makeout?

How do you describe the genre you play?

Who are your other favorite Portland DJs?
Gregarious, of course, and there's a girl with a curly mullet that played at Rotture for soul night. I don't know her name but her music was beautiful and every one who DJ's at the Matador because they are my family and more than likely cooler than most...

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