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Animal Farm: A Very Eugene Tour Stop

l_a7d6a5f5e7a43f22c982d56df64d9e42The tour to promote the upcoming Animal Farm album The Unknown and new Focused Noise mixtape kicked off last night in Eugene for Saint Patty's Day, which is a night renowned for live hip-hop shows. Of course we had to celebrate with a few Irish Car bombs, a delicious drink that I'm sure must date back to some 16th century Celtic community pillar. We rocked the show with the tour line up (DJ Wicked, Animal Farm, and Mic Crenshaw), and Garden Entertainment setting it off. Unfortunately the night was just starting and it didn't end for us until about 4 hours after the show. I thought it would be a chill night as Mic Crenshaw and I made our way to my brother's apartment, half-drunk. But the prospect of any fun was pretty much spoiled as he chased me out by throwing aspirin and CDs at my head.

I was ready to just eat my leftover gyro and go to bed, until Mic got ahold of our boy Hanif Wondir from Animal Farm. They were at a house party, which couldn't have been more Eugene, so after a shot at my brother's, we headed over. Did I mention that Mic Crenshaw had on a pink cowboy hat with sequins at this point? I would submit the picture to prove it, but unfortunately I forgot the chord that connects my camera and computer. I'm sure Mic will be really bummed that I couldn't share that with you. The party was on and Mic pretty much threw out the line of the night, as we arrived to find some girl sitting on a couch under the carport (again, very Eugene). She called him over of course, because he was wearing a pink cowboy hat, so he sat next to her, and smoothly delivered, "Do you know what my insides feel like? Cotton Candy." Pretty much made my night with that one.

The night concluded with a 5 am business meeting, in which Mic and I finally plotted out our plan for world domination. It's now a little after 10 am and we're on to Eureka, California—another hip-hip hotbed. I just hope everyone doesn't get too stoned to make it to San Francisco tomorrow night.

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