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Lindsay Lohan and Menomena: Together at Last

tmz menomenaFresh from Menomena's mystifying loss at the GRAMMYs, Danny Seim of Menomena sent this short report and link to amazing video footage.

If I had to boil my first Grammy experience down to one main highlight, it would be the following:

We ate lunch in Beverly Hills one table away from Lindsay Lohan.

I guess that's a roundabout way of saying that the ceremonies themselves basically sucked. No big surprise, right? Ha, ha. We were flying ourselves down there in the first place as kind of an ironic joke anyway, right? Ha, ha. I mean, it's funny to see vapid Hollywood stars falling out of their dresses and tuxes trying to outdo each others' superficiality because we're from Portland! There's no such thing as superficiality here, right? Of course we knew we were going to lose! I mean, come on, we we re going up against Black Sabbath! They deserve to win everything! They invented a musical genre, single handedly! They gave us Ozzy! They made Satan fun to worship!

Wait, Bright Eyes won? Oh.


Quick, let's get back to LiLo:


Pay special attention at around the 0:20 mark. That's Justin (Harris, Menomena) in black and Craig (Thompson, Artist) in brown! And that folks, is better than any little gramophone trophy. Or at least, this is what I will try to make myself believe while crying myself to sleep tonight.

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