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UK Band The Cribs Reps PDX

the cribs You know what they say: Once you go Portland, you never go back.

Or at least that's true for Gary Jarman, bass player for UK indie-sensation the Cribs, who moved to Portland from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, last year while writing songs for the band's latest album, Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever.

Jarman [no relation to LocaCut's illustrious Casey] loves Portland so much he pays homage to the Rose City in the video for the song “Don't You Want to Be Relevant?” Watch his bass closely, especially at 30 seconds in:

[youtube iU_H6OuEQ0U]

In case you missed it, here's a close-up (albeit fuzzy) shot:

Jarman bass

That black scribble above the strings reads "PDX"--an insider's acronym for this town. And those three letters aren't Jarman's only reference to Portland. According to one Cribs message board, Jarman also has an “Oregon Native” sticker on the back of his bass:

jarman native sticker

When the Portland Mercury interviewed Jarman in July, he openly professed his admiration for this town:

Jarman is in love with our town. So much so, that when he wasn't busy leading this band of brothers (including fraternal twin Ryan on guitar, and baby brother Ross on drums), he uprooted himself from England and relocated here. Much like all new transplants to the Rose City, he's a little defensive of his new digs. "I've never really been that type of person, but, for some reason, Portland is just the one place where I really do feel protective of."

Sounds like somebody has a serious crush on PDX. Maybe he'll bring us a dozen roses and a box of chocolates when the band returns to Portland on Nov. 28 to play the Doug Fir.

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