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LEAK: Little Wings,

lwYou can only imagine how close the guys from Olympia's K Records and Portland's Marriage Records must be. Lately, there's been overlap between bands and artists: First, Calvin Johnson put out Marriage's founder Adrian Orange's latest album. Now, Marriage subsidiary Rad Records, is putting out longtime K-ster Little Wings' (aka Kyle Field) latest release, Soft Pow'r.

These two labels are doing more than just distributing each other's music; they're playing it, too. Soft Pow'r—aptly titled with wailing vocals and poetic lyrics—features Marriage's trancy Adam Forkner (aka White Rainbow) and founder Curtis Knapp (aka Watery Graves of Portland pianist). The closeness between these two artists is clear on intimate songs likes "Warming." Although Little Wings is definitely Field's project, layered guitars and deliberate drums point toward a careful collaboration. Let's just pray these two labels stay on friendly terms as long as possible.

Download audio file (Warming.mp3)

Little Wings
White Rainbow
Rad Distro

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