TL: Have you played Portland before?
Did the city leave any impression on you?
In Portland on Saturday, you're playing a historically gay party night...
Called Juicy.
There'll be non-gay people there….
we later clarified that Juicy is not officially a gay party night, but the crowd tends to run that way
That's weird. It's like they don't listen to the songs. [songs which are all about girls]
What's your ideal show then?

Have you ever had a show where the crowd's like "give me a fuckin' break?"
Yeah, there's a big difference there…serious and political then…
What happened?
What's bananas look like?
Crowd surfing? No shit? Where?
Do you find people just know the words to the songs?

Chromeo plays with Flosstradamus and DJ Beyonda Saturday, July 21 at Rotture. 9 pm. $10. 21+.
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