June 18th, 2007 5:33 pm | by Michael Byrne Music | Posted In: Columns

SRR's Rodcasts Demand Your Love

juiceteamWhat the hell is a rodcast, you ask? Are you so far behind the tech times you don't yet have an i-Rod? You poor poor thing. No, I jest. A rodcast is, um, a podcast. But, back in the day (February), when State's Rights put out the first one, they didn't "know how to make it subscribable or anything." There's been three more since (the latter two are indeed subscribable): uniformly solid, awesomely ecelectic mixes that range from reggae to booty bump to electro-lollipop. This latest mix "Jamba Jamba" by the Juice Team DJs is the "partying/healing" summertime edition. It kinda makes me wish I owned a car so I could cruise with it, y'know playing it real loud n' shit.

Click for Jamba Jamba happy

you'll find the other three and instructions on how to set up your device for rodcasting here.




Photo: Juice Team DJs from their Virb.

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