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Is Disjecta Jumping Ship Again?

buildingWell, they actually don't know for sure, but it doesn't sound good. The Templeton Building--Disjecta's home since the summer of 2005--is being sold by its owner, Lance Robbins. Whether or not they get to stay and realize their vast set of goals for the space, is up to the new owner. If I was a betting man (I'm off the machines now Casey, thankyouverymuch) I'd say anyone buying property in the extreme inner-eastside real-estate hotbed is thinking condos not a non-profit "large-scale contemporary art center."

I can't say I'd be too crushed. The building--a three level sprawl of wide open rooms right next to the Burnside skatepark--was rad as an art space, but the sound pretty much uniformly sucked. The next and possibly last show is May 30 with The Marvelous Rob Scheps Big Band.

Here's the word straight from Bryan Suereth, Disjecta's Executive Director:

Disjecta has some startling news--we may say goodbye to the Templeton Building! Yes, it's true. After nearly two years of programming the immense building, testing the premise of "large-scale contemporary art center", working with the city, raising money and bringing together tenants we have come to a crossroads: Remain in limbo as the building owner, Lance Robbins, puts the Templeton up for sale; or choose a new location to serve the mission of the organization with immediacy and stability.

Well, we haven't quite decided yet, to tell you the truth. The issues and decision making process surrounding the development of the Templeton are very complex. It's a difficult decision to walk away from the Templeton. I love the building, the location, the vitality it could bring to the city. I love the concept of getting foothold in the neighborhood before the Bridgehead casts its juggernaut shadow. Sometimes, though, enough is enough. We've accomplished all our goals. We've raised our money. We've put together one of the strongest business models possible. So, instead of waiting for a decision from the ever-shifting building owner, we began looking at other opportunities. And, alas, we have found several intriguing alternatives.

We're not prepared to make any decisions just yet however. But consider this fair warning--we may leave the Templeton--either being forced out by the sale of the building, or choosing to exit for a better, more secure opportunity elsewhere. Either way, we are prepared and good things are on the horizon. We thought you should know…after all, your support has meant more to us than you could possibly imagine. And I promise we will provide Portland with large scale, year-round, completely gorgeous contemporary visual and performing art space in the very near future.


Photo: What could have been.
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