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Why The Governor Is Ready To Forgive Mark McGwire


We've got an interview with Gov. Ted Kulongoski coming in Wednesday's paper about this month's legislative session and the like.

But there isn't room for the entire hour-long interview to run in print. And there's one question us baseball-obsessives around the office had been eager to ask Kulongoski, a passionate St. Louis Cardinals fan: What did he think about Mark McGwire recent "confession" to what everybody long suspected: McGwire was a steroids cheat during his career, which included breaking the single -season home run record as a Cardinal after besting the Cubs' Sammy Sosa.

Kulongoski thinks the Cardinals hiring McGwire as their hitting coach was a "great move." Here's the rest of his take on McGwire:

"That competition between McGwire and Sosa brought back baseball. And I was riveted. It was the most exciting time when these two guys got after each other. I have this huge picture of Sosa and McGwire in St. Louis when McGwire hit the record," the governor said. "I still can't figure out why he did this.

"I've had to deal with the whole issue of what do you do with a guy that actually sets a record with steroids," the governor said. "[And] It's just like I'm not prepared to tell you that I don't think that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame one of these days."

So why does Kulongoski say he's ready to forgive McGwire?

"It's the Catholic redemption," said the governor, who is Catholic.
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