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Gubernatorial Candidate Needs Copy Editor

John Lim

As someone who makes his share of errors, I'm reluctant to draw attention to those made by others. But a mistake-riddled press release GOP gubernatorial candidate John Lim sent this week bears mentioning.

Lim, a 74-year-old Gresham businessman and former long-time legislator who unsuccessfully sought the GOP gubernatiorial nomination in 1990 , started off by mis-spelling his own first name, a seemingly difficult accomplishment.

Picture 8

Then, Lim made a claim about the Measure 66 and 67 campaigns which was demonstrably false. He said in the press release that the "Yes" campaign outspent the "No" campaign by almost four to one." In fact, as of election day, as Common Cause Oregon reported, the "Yes" campaign had raised $6.85 million and the "No" campaign had raised "$4.55 million. That's not even a two-to-one difference, let alone four-to-one.

Anybody who wants to discuss that or other issues with Lim's campaign can use the "contact infomration [sic]" on the press release.

So I used that information to call Lim's spokesman, Seth Hatmaker.

Through his spokesman, Lim expressed regret for the mis-spellings, and more substantively, the inaccuracy of his claim about spending on the measures. "He knows what the right numbers are," Hatmaker says. "And the typos were just an honest mistake by our media consultant."

Lim's name has been in the news lately. As The Oregonian's Jeff Mapes noted recently, Lim's last name is actually Lymm. We'll give him a pass on that one.
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