January 27th, 2010 5:33 pm | by AARON MESH News | Posted In: Sports, Sports

Beth Slovic Questioned About Questioning Greg Oden's Manhood


As Penis-gate extends into its second day, some of the righteous indignation has been shafted onto WW's own Beth Slovic, who had the temerity to ask Greg Oden why exactly he was so "embarrassed" by his naked photos, since many people were impressed by what was revealed. This question outraged many people, because (in the words of my colleague Casey Jarman) at a press conference about a 7-foot man's giant penis it is wildly inappropriate to ask about the giant penis. It's not part of the carefully managed fandango of apology and forgiveness. Also, let's be honest, these outraged people quite possibly have very tiny penises.

At any rate, this afternoon Slovic (who measures in at 5'1") appeared on Sports Radio 1080 The Fan's Primetime with Isaac and Big Suke, and they pondered whether she had given the wrong impression. Here's a link to the audio.
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