Hello band, emcee or solo artist. You have been deemed worthy to keep a Tour Diary on the Local Cut website, or maybe it's more like, we have been deemed worthy to receive your words and beam them out to our readership. Whichever it is, this is your guide for posting your wonderful prose on the site. Please read on, and pardon the redundancy of the first few directions. You are obviously already here. Thanks again, and happy travels!

1. Go to localcut.wweek.com

2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "login"

3. Login with the username and password provided by your friendly Local Cut editor.

4. The Local Cut Dashboard will appear. Click on "Write."

5. Write a headline that says Your Band Name: Situation - Location" ("Bright Red Paper: Broken Down on the Side of the Highway - Somewheresville, Ohio," or "Norfolk & Western: The Empty Bottle - Chicago, Illinois")

6. Write the entry. Include any links to your website or other bands or venues you want to give love to below the post (This Awesome Band: thisawesomeband.com).

7. Look on the right hand side, under "Categories." Uncheck "Local Cut" and then check "Tour Diary" AND the sub-category that contains the name of your band.

8. Click "save." (Your post might not show up immediately)

9. If you have a photo you want to run with the entry (which we strongly suggest you do), send it to localcut at wweek.com and we'll post it with the appropriate entry. Or, if you're all flickr proficient, you can just copy and paste the "embed" code in the entry. Just make sure to put it at the beginning of the entry and to only enbed "small" images.


Mark B