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Portland Rock Photographer Provides Free Eyecandy

Jason QuigleyWe know you've seen him around. That carrot-topped guy with the white-boy fro and the glasses taking photos at just about every show you go to. And we know you've asked the questions: Who is that guy? I wonder where I can see his photos. Well, the guy is Jason Quigley and, yes, you can see his photos at the new and improved website

Now, this isn't an ad. I personally think that what Quigley does is amazing. He does have an office day job and leads a fairly normal life, except he just can't stop shooting bands. It's like crack for poor Quigley. But rather than causing him to throw a brick through the back window of your car so he can pass out in the back seat, Quigley's addiction only causes him to provide you with beautiful live shots of some of Portland's best bands.

At his revamped site, Quigley has included specific galleries for Alan Singley and Pants Machine, Heroes and Villains, Horse Feathers, Junior Private Detective, Point Juncture, WA, Talkdemonic, The Angry Orts and Wet Confetti. Check it out here. And then invite him out to your show, or throw money at him so he can make a Portland live music coffee table book.

Photo: Jason Quigley, presumably, by Jason Quigley.
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