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Ghosts of Musicfest's Past Give You the "What For?"

The ThermalsBefore we head into this year's MusicfestNW, I thought it would be nice to look back on the fests of yesteryear. Since I started as music editor at Willamette Week three years ago, we have been publishing the Musicfest Diaries in the issue following the fest with my valiant writers weighing in on the fest's best moments (the same goes for this year in next Wednesday's paper). So, whether this is old hat to you and you want to walk down memory lane, or you're a newbie and want to know what this whole thing is about, you should read these, our last three tour diaries.

MusicfestNW 2003

MusicfestNW 2004

MusicfestNW 2005

And if you want to read about our Local Cutters predictions for this year's fest, check out our Game Plans here.

Got some memories? Please share.
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