Mark rarely calls unless he need directions, however, I do have somewhat of a professional and friendly relationship with Jerry and Bob Casale (Bob#2). Jerry used one of my songs (34-C) for inclusion on their 1996 soundtrack to the video game they put out called 'DEVO presents: Adventures of the Samrt Patrol', and when I go to LA I usually get to use Bob's pool.
In high school I was really into them, the visuals and the dynamics and

that's what introduced me to other bands with similar aesthetics, yet completely different. I would often wear my Energy Dome to school at the risk of potentionally getting my ass kicked or usually what would happen is I would be called names. Most people dont realize that even growing up in southern California, it wasnt cool to like Devo and if you did you had to hide it. I first saw them in 1988 and continued to see them throughout the years up until present day. They may be getting older but there will never be another band like them.
We've just released a 2 disc set of material we pulled up from the basement, coincidentally enough, called The Basement Tapes Vol. 1 &2 which has 50 songs of stuff we never did anything with. Alot of the material was either an idea not yet fully developed or just to 'wrong' for inclusion on any album...until now. We're also getting ready for the release of a video game that developers at Atom Films are turning "Fat Girls On Bicycles" into. That should be really funny, we'll see. Then later this year should see the release of our full length DVD that will contain all 3 of our videos, live performances (including our first ever appearance at Satyricon), news footage and assorted images, etc. Sick Video (who put out the Polysics, GWAR and Devo dvd's in the past) will be compiling and releasing this which should/will be very cool. And, we're half way through recording our next full length album hopefully done in time for the DVD and released together later this year. Other than that, not much.