The Guilded Age
The Unsung Colony
we finished recording a new record not too long ago and just recently received the mastered copy. it will be released in late october, but rumor has it that we might have copies along with us and for sale in september when adam and i are on tour with m.ward (as his band, not as norfolk, just for clarification). speaking of which, adam and i will be visiting the uk and the states and a few countries in europe between now and late october with m.ward - i as one of his drummers ( yes, yes - there are two believe it or not! me and the amazing jordon hudson previously of the thermals), singing, piano, and perhaps a few ukulele tunes, and adam on the guitar, bass and some singing too. m. ward's new record is so great! the live show i think (to toot our own horn) will be equally great. but back to norfolk news. when we return from all this ward touring norfolk will hit the road to tour in support of our new record..which is henceforth known as "the unsung colony"... and we will do a full us circle tour throughout november and december...and hopefully we will not get stuck in the snow. this weekend we are taking new band photos, even though we love the one with mr. spot ( that's the cute dog who belongs to my parents), and ms. alicia rose will be doing the photography, she who took all those kooky decemberists photos which i participated in, so we are excited about that. and i swear i will try to update photos on this page, music and what not since it seems like there are a lot of new peeps checking us out. also look at our very own website with artwork by yours truly. we are not great about updating that either but will get better i swear!! and speaking of artwork, if you live in portland i will be showing new painting and old etchings at the belmont stumptown through the month of august.