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Lumberjax Looking for Local Music

JaxThe Portland Lumberjax, the National Lacrosse League team that fills the Rose Garden with people waiting through a lot of ball-handling to see a fight, is looking for a few good bands (or DJs or emcees, but probably not singer-songwriters) to make its team even more Portland. The team is asking local musicians to submit songs that will get fans excited and fit in with the "hard-hitting" atmosphere of lacrosse.

Now, I don't know how many of you have been to one of the Jax games, but I have and I'll tell you what seperates indoor lacrosse from other sports. They play music. Constantly. During the entire blasted game. So, don't worry lacrosse fan, you will still get your Jock Jamz, but you might be getting some Snuggle Ups or Strength mixed in with it.

Of course, that's assuming that musicians will want to hand over their precious songs. To which, you are saying, "Get over it old man. Artistic integrity went out of fashion with flannel." To that, I say "Screw you." And my inner dialoque is silenced by Jax Managing Partner Angela Batinovich via press release:

“With the talent in Portland, it just makes sense for us to tap into the music scene. We're going to give credit where it's due. There are no boundaries for how we plan to use the music either; the sky is the limit for us.”

That last sentence was creepy, wasn't it?

There, of course, will be no monetary compensation for selected artists, but whoever is chosen will get exposure to thousands of unsuspecting sports fans and the team might sell their CDs on the team's website.

For more info on how to submit music to the Lumberjax go here.

Portland Lumberjax:
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