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How did yesterday end up happening?
It seems like there is more to it than that. On your website you've asked for suggestion on how the city can help the music community.
What sorts of things would they do?
You talk about creating a live music district. It seems very difficult to do so when live music has been shut out of the arts for so long that it's become a complete private enterprise.
So, does this come into city planning then? When you're deciding what you want to do with the inner eastside industrial area? There's a lot of musicians that count on that area.
So it sounds like you are protecting the creative's interests.
So those measures keep the local music scene on the same level as it has been? What about things that the city can do that pushes the industry? The buses stop running at 12:30. That keeps people from going to shows. All-ages clubs in town are impossible to keep open. I mean do you look at things like the Vera Project in Seattle and see…
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Where do you get that number from?
But shouldn't it be survival of the fittest? Not every band can make money because there's a lot of crappy bands out there.
A few last questions.
Who's your favorite band in town?
Let's get through these next couple. Then you can tell me. What was the first concert you ever went to?
First record you ever bought.
Go here to post your ideas on how the city can better the plight of the local musician and music fan. Or just comment below. We'll make sure he gets your suggestion.