1. The folk CD section at Jackpot Records in Portland, OR. They have immaculate taste. The folk vinyl section is obviously a little employee-picked-over.

2. Orange sorbet from the gelato place up the street from my house.

3. The Squid and the Whale on DVD. So I can watch it over and over and over and over. . .

4. Lily Allen, "Alright (sic) Still"

5. My lawn.
Colin -- Astute observations on Jackpot - ohh so true! Squid and the Whale is amongst the most underappreciated films of the past ten years. What a stellar film -- and upon several watchings you will indeed be amazed at new discoverys and feelings from the characters. Also, Jeff Bridges makes an awesome lead supporting actor. He was amazing in this film, not to menton Big Lebowski as well.

P.S. -- Portland boy -- now what?
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