July 21st, 2006 5:33 pm | by MARK BAUMGARTEN Music | Posted In: Columns, News

Heatwave Causes Cupcake Cancellation

CupcakeThanks in large part to global warming, Holocene's monthly Cupcake dance party will be cancelled this weekend. After seeing the forecast for Sunday (105-freakin' degrees) organizers decided that the "Fat Folks and Allies" that usually pack the Holocene the fourth Sunday of every month would most likely be busy putting out mini-wildfires in their backyards.

But worry not large Portland fans of dance. Cupcake will be back Aug. 27 with a "Back to School" theme.

Anyone thinking they can sneak into Holocene and drink away their hot Sunday, should think again. The entire joint will be closed.

Holocene: holocene.org
Cupcake: fatgirlspeaks.com/cupcake

Photo: Cupcake heating up. Photo from fatgirlspeaks.com.
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