Rex Burkholder
Bob Stacey
Tom Hughes
The Burkholder campaign called upon Metro President candidate Bob Stacey to end the recent divisive and baseless attacks on Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder's impressive environmental accomplishments. Burkholder, who leads in both fundraising and endorsements in the contested race for the three-county post, has won the support of more than two dozen prominent environmental leaders
From: Elizabeth Kaufman

Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 11:17 AM

Guys - Wanted you to know that Bob Stacey has received the sole endorsement from OLCV for Metro President. Having watched this thing for years, I gotta tell you that you have to be REALLY bad on the issues if - as an incumbent- you don't get a joint endorsement from OLCV with your challenger, especially when you've been endorsed before like REx. Even Diane Linn against Ted Wheeler got a joint endorsement. Not REx. They just don't go against incumbents unless they're really bad.

I guess in my old age that I'm tired of these fake environmentalists. And if more people who consider themselves true environmentalists don't stick with that brand, you'll see what you get stuck with.

PS And (delete name)- please take a look at all your friends from the gas company whose names are listed as Rex's endorsers on his campaign website... would it surprise you to know he's got them all?