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Quasi to Rock Portland City Hall

QuasiLooks like City Hall is gettin' into the music business. Sam Adams staffer Jesse Beason recently told Willamette Week newshound Angela Valdez that the City Commissioner is organizing an all-local concert outside the municipal building at 1221 SW Fourth Ave. Beason says that the event will be held in conjunction with the PDX Pop Now! festival, it will be an all-ages show and will start at 5:30. Presumably, this will give Sam enough time to run home and put on his studded leather cuffs before heading back to City Hall to totally rock his ass off.

The only act that Beason was able to confirm will be playing is Quasi, the pleasantly political rock band featuring Sam Coomes (of Blues Goblins fame) and Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney fame). The streets willl be filled with rock, as well as the homeless folks who make their way down to the Hall for the free entertainment. So Quasi had better include "Poverty Sucks" in its set list. Seriously. When Coomes sings, "Never give up, never give in/ Poverty sucks but it ain't no sin," everyone will turn to the smelly dude holding a sleeping bag to his or her right, hand them a fiver and give them a hug. Or everyone will stand with their arms crossed, pretend they didn't hear it, and prove once again that music can't change anything.

No word on how big the show will be, but Beason says that Fourth Ave. will be totally shut down. Man that's gonna piss off all those Hummer driver who have to burn a tank of gas to take the detour.

Oh, and Mayor Tom Potter is bringing his Visioning Pod, confirming that it is, in fact, a party.

Quasi: theequasi.com
Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams: commissionersam.com/
PDX Pop Now!: pdxpopnow.com
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