I've been spending so much time reflecting, meditating, practicing, writing, journaling, volunteering, walking... that I forget what my job is and has been for the last 10 years. Sometimes I feel like a completely different person—like I never made a living from touring and playing for people. But I guess that's just part of it. In a lot of ways, I truly am a different person. It would be sad if I wasn't after all that has happened.
[Writing has been] good and bad, as it makes me face so many difficult feelings and memories. I have, as of now, 14 new songs that have yet to be recorded (or properly titled, as is my way). I am starting to think about possibly recording this winter—though that, as with most things in my life these days, is up in the air. I have been in talks with Darren Jackson already (of Kid Dakota and the Hopefuls) about possibly working together again, as we did with my last album.
Cold Weather