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Danny Seim, Dave Allen and John Askew Collaborate

Faux-HoaxType Foundry Studio is currently playing host to a unique musical recombination of talents, incubating a new project by Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen (left), Tracker leader John Askew (right) and Menomena drummer Danny Seim (behind the camera). The name of the supergroup is Faux-Hoax, which, Seim tells Local Cut, is pronounced "folks." Genius. The lanky barefooted drummer continues:

We're trying to finish a full-length this year featuring all sorts of vocalists and other collaborators contributing to songs that the three of us wrote. Hopefully the end result will be something slightly less overwhelming than [Mike Watts'] Ball-Hog or Tugboat? and yet not quite as embarrassing as [the Heads'] No Talking, Just Head. Hopefully.

Seim doesn't say as much, but the album will most likely come out on FILMGuerrero, the local label run by Askew, or maybe Pampelmoose, the local management service/label run by Dave Allen. Or maybe Seim, who claims to be in league with Satan, will have the Devil release it.

Judging by the rough demo of the song "Your Friends Will Carry You Home," (which you can listen to below) this is one of those atmospheric projects, filled with Allen's loping bass, some delicate programming from Askew and a strangely reined-in Seim (he doesn't crash a cymbal even once). There are also some backing ooh-oohs in there, which massage the eardrums quite nicely. What's really interesting here, though, is that the music is bolstered by the poetry of Adam Gnade. Gnade, who is the Portland Mercury's music editor, goes down a laundry list of all the shitty things your friends will do to you and how you will always forgive them because, in the end, they will be the ones carrying you home. Good stuff.

We think the next track should be a dramatic reading of the Derrick Foxworth emails, by Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

Who do you think they should collaborate with?

Faux-Hoak: myspace.com/fauxhoax
FILMGuerrero: filmg.com
Pampelmoose: pampelmoose.com
Type Foundry Studio: typefoundrystudio.com/
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