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PPS Administrators Head to Rockaway Beach

by Pedronet
PPS Equity beat us to following up on a tip from yesterday that Portland Public Schools' top administrators are at the Oregon coast for a three-day retreat. Teachers, meantime, are pounding the pavement for the Yes on Measures 66 and 67 campaign, according to the Portland Association of Teachers union.

A private donor gave a cash donation to cover the $400-a-night beach house for administrators, says district spokesman Matt Shelby. The cost of the trip to taxpayers comes in the form of staff time, Shelby says. A total of 13 people are attending the retreat. (Some are staying at a second house owned by a PPS staffer.)

Among the topics for the retreat? The district's budget.

Here's the agenda, according to PPS:

Milestones mid-year review
-Presentation of early data on progress towards Milestones
-Group discussion: What is working and what actions need to be taken to improve, if any.

Department goals mid-year review
-Goals status presentation by each committee member
-Overall assessment: On track/off track, what needs to change?

Preliminary budget priorities
-Key objectives for 2010-11
-Identifying major pieces of work that need to move in the next 12 months

Budget philosophy development: identifying pros/cons of key trade-offs

High School System Design
-Building consensus on scope of change
-Identify key trade-offs

Retreat debrief
-Summarize what was learned
-Identify next steps from last two days

Photo of ostrich with head dangerously close to sand, by Pedronet.
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