You were born ready for this. The fuzzy fad of Snuggie pub crawls that's hitting the nation has made its way back to Portland with the help of The Meat Show's Emily Gibson. Prizes, karaoke, skee ball, and undoubtedly so much more await you and your conveniently sleeved blanket thing at the 2010 PDX.FM Portland Snuggie Pub Crawl this Saturday night, January 23. Finally, those days of self-conscious solo snuggie bar-hopping are over. Pre-register at
More Snuggie pub crawl action, here.

Snuggie Pub Crawl Schedule:

7:00 – My Father's Place – 523 Southeast Grand Avenue Trivia – Stumptown Giveaway – PBR Swag Giveaways

8:00 – The Slammer - 500 Southeast 8th Avenue 3 for $1.50 Taco Special – Snuggified Bartenders – Hot Lips Giveaway

9:00 – Galaxy – 909 East Burnside Street Karaoke – Guardian Games Giveaway

10:00 – Fire On The Mountain - 1708 E. Burnside Street Happy Hour Specials – Baconshirts Giveaway

11:00 – The East Burn – 1800 East Burside street Free Skee Ball – iPod Giveaway