It's Friday and Retail Therapist knows there isn't much time left to shop for Mother's Day. With that in mind, here are two ideas to start you off. More to come!


Let's start out with this classic: A hanging plant to spruce up Mom's front porch, $25, Portland Nursery, 5050 SE Stark, (503) 231-5050.



Show Mom some appreciation for all the home-baked goods she made you growing up by presenting her with a dozen adorable cupcakes—baked by someone other than you! These cuties from Saint Cupcake come in two sizes. The bite-size "dots" are $1.50, and the traditional size cupcakes are $2.50. Cheaper by the baker's dozen, of course. If you're picking these up at Saint Cupcake's eastside location, check out their expanded party decoration selection (pictured above). Saint Cupcake NW, 407 NW 17th Ave., (503) 473-8760; Saint Cupcake Deluxe, 3300 SE Belmont Ave., (503) 235-0078; call (503) 997-3674 or (503) 916-9835 to place a phone order.