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Easter Bonnet Roundup


The Easter bonnet has fallen out of favor of late, but there are plenty of reasons to bring it back. Most of these cheerful hats are from the Pearl District's hat store of the same name (Bonnet, in case that wasn't clear), with a couple from Imelda's and Moxie. Pictured above is a purple felt cloche from Bonnet, $86.


This wide-brimmed straw hat (also from Bonnet, $36) will take you from the egg hunt to the beach without missing a beat.


It doesn't get any smarter than a navy blue fedora (Moxie, $48).


Not everyone can pull off this newsboy-meets-Laura Ingalls Wilder, but Retail Therapist would sure like to see you try (Moxie, $38).


If RT put on this hat and stood outside, you couldn't tell where the hat ends and the grey sky begins (Imelda's, $20).


Any poseur vibes emanating from this hat are canceled out by its springy, pastel color (Bonnet, $36). Go for it. Bonnet, 412 NW 11th Ave., (503) 954-2271; Moxie, 2400 E Burnside St., (503) 296-6943.
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