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Project Runway 7, Episode 8: The Four Elements

Project Runway: Elements of Fashion

Peaches and cream unexpectedly joined earth, wind, fire and air as the fifth and sixth elements of the natural world, thanks to Project Runway's latest episode: "The Elements of Fashion."

Last night, the final nine designers on the show created outfits based on one of the four classical elements. Jonathan—the winner, whose inspiration was "air"—interpreted the task liberally by making a dress that represented "laughter." Much to RT's surprise, Jonathan's pale frock drew appreciative smiles instead of the mockery she was expecting.

Amy's outfit looked like a jumpsuit with built-in infant sling—to cradle the model's outsize hairdo. RT can't even remember what element inspired this Jerry Hall-meets-Rapunzel-meets-Marie Antoinette look. Is ridiculous an element?

Project Runway: Elements of Fashion

It doesn't matter, because Ben's suit—which, upon closer inspection, appeared to have a jockstrap pulled over it—stole the prize for worst garment. It was supposed to look like a shark. Ben's inspiration was "water." Now he's under it.

Project Runway: Elements of Fashion
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