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The Oscars: Is That What You're Wearing?


Retail Therapist was horrified—just horrified—by the sartorial crimes committed with so much malice aforethought at last night's Academy Awards ceremony. Charges should be brought against Charlize Theron for ruining what was an otherwise perfect dress with satin cinnamon buns sewn onto both her breasts. Zoe Saldana wore a dress that was actually two garments brought together in an unholy hybrid of white lace curtain and flamenco skirt. And then there was the fan-folded napkin phenomenon. Vera Farmiga, Penelope Cruz and J-Lo were all sporting dresses that looked like experiments with accordion-folded napkins. Or bubble wrap. Or both. And Sarah Jessica Parker—of all people who can be counted on to wear something fabulous—in a yellow Chanel number that doesn't even earn the title of dress. So much disappointment. If you want to return to the scene of these crimes, there are excellent photos on the People Magazine website. RT leaves you instead with this youtube link to a happier time in Oscar history. Last year's opening number, hosted by Hugh Jackman.

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