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Project Runway 7, Episode 7: Hardware to Heaven

Emilio's design on Project Runway

Whore-ors! That's the only word to describe what Emilio sent down the runway on last night's episode of Project Runway, which asked the 10 remaining designers to make garments out of grommets and other items found at a hardware store.

Emilio's original idea was to use washers and rope to craft a macramé dress, but discovered he couldn't afford all the materials he wanted on a $150 budget. Forced to rethink, he scrapped the dress idea and created an outfit that could only be worn by a Vegas showgirl in a fishing lure-themed stage production. To make matters worse, when confronted by the judges about his whore-rific design, he pretended the lure-kini had been his original idea all along.

If only Steve Novick had been a judge. Not only would Novick have called liar liar pants on fire on Emilio, he could have used his hook to pull the washer-clad model offstage.

On a more victorious note, Jay won last night's challenge with his intricate garbage-bag ensemble. The trousers could almost pass for leather and the braided belt was totally covet-able. For those of you who haven't seen the episode yet, this is your spoiler alert. STOP. READING. NOW.

Jay's outfit on Project Runway

Jesse was voted off the runway last night for a poofy metal dress design that was likened by the judges to a dirty vacuum cleaner bag. It sucks to be Jesse!
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