February 5th, 2010 5:33 pm | by Retail Therapist Retailtherapist | Posted In: Shopping

Project Runway 7, Episode 4: Red All Over

Project Runway

Things are looking up for Project Runway 7, which has just become 20 percent less annoying. Ping and Jesus have bitten the dust.

The downside of last night's episode was that it was yet another adventure in invasive product placement. Designers had one day to make evening wear for an event sponsored by a certain iconic soup company, whose name shall go unmentioned in protest of the obvious. Designers also had to incorporate the soup's logo into their designs.

Retail Therapist regrets to inform you her early appreciation for Anna has diminished. Anna's contribution to last night's challenge produced a crime against wide-shouldered humanity (pictured above). This landed her in the bottom two—but she was saved by Jesus, who was crucified for his own fashion sins.

Portland's Janeane and Vancouver's Seth Aaron remain.
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