January 15th, 2010 5:33 pm | by HANK STERN News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Sports, Sports

Is Anybody Awake Past 10 PM At Comcast?


Here's one from the department of small-but-ridiculous problems: Last night, in a fit of pure boredom, I channel-surfed over to the 10 pm re-broadcast of the Arizona State-Oregon basketball game on Comcast Sportsnet just to check in for a few minutes on the miserable state of Pac-10 basketball.

Oregon basketball is so inconsequential these days that I arrived at Channel 37 with no idea about the result of the game played earlier in the evening. But Comcast quickly took care of that. Amazingly, Comcast apparently cares so little about viewers wanting to watch the game without knowing the result that it continuously showed the final score on its live scroll of scores at the bottom of the screen.

This is not a new problem for Comcast, and other networks ostensibly devoted to sports solved this "major dilemma" long, long ago. Surely Comcast must have somebody awake past 10 pm who can figure this out. Comcast? Comcast?

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