Loch LomondFor the past year or so, local chamber-pop outfit Loch Lomond has been sitting in a label no man's land. The group's new record, Little Me Will Start a Storm, has been finished for a long time—it was recorded, if I'm correct, before the Night Bats EP, which came out on Hush Records last fall—and waiting for the right label. Well, it looks like Loch Lomond's little record finally found a home: Tender Loving Empire will release Little Me Will Start a Storm on February 22, 2011, on vinyl, CD and digital download.

What does it sound like, you say? Will it satisfy my need to hear something soothing and sweet on a rainy election day? I think you might be in luck, especially if folk pop is your thing. Check out the first single, "Elephants & Little Girls," below.


To celebrate its amazing year, Tender Loving Empire is throwing a big ol' Winter Formal on December 2 at the Woods. Loch Lomond, Pancake Breakfast, and Aan will play, and tickets run for just $15. But! If you buy anything at the TLE store (SW 10th & Stark) before then you'll get a FREE ticket, plus a thank you from Jared and Brianne Mees. That's a deal if I've ever heard of one.

Photo by Alicia J. Rose